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Creating a site online store

Convenient and easy administration panel directory will help as soon as possible to get a good site to each store owner. No need to be a programmer, so it worked successfully, will be enough to enter information about goods on his page.

Requirements for site structure

Website online store focuses more on the potential buyer, so should have a service that provides an easy search, browse products, simplicity and ease of ordering. Taking into account the target audience of the site is thought out design and content of the resource. In addition, the system should create a convenience store employee. store personnel work must be flawless, so it must have information on the goods receipt of customer orders, which provides site service.

The main requirement for the site is to provide a convenience, a prisoner in the site interface that should be understandable to the user.

The procedure for creating a website involves a lot of steps, which include:

- Logo design online store, which has a distinctive feature that can remember and learn;

- Design website design, choice of style;

- Implementation of layout that converts graphic material, design images in a html-template slicing photos;

- Database design a site with the requirements of the functions used by the Web server;

- Filling the site literate text and graphic information;

- Domain name registration and hosting on hosting.

On the activity site in the

The site must demonstrate high standards of service, business ethics because it is a tool that makes a profit. We must not forget that the profit comes from the potential buyer, so the main purpose of the shop staff is the buyer's motivation to spend money on the purchase of goods.

A potential buyer on the pages of the store site should be comfortable, easy to get the information you need to spend a minimum amount of effort and time. He must be sure that the site is live, operates and develops as a store that stands behind it. One of the main tasks is to attract the target audience, and that is the decision of this task depends on the promotion and success of a website online store.